June 16, 2012

Today Anna and I went to the beach. I think this was our last beach day because she has to study so much right now :c We swam to the small island close to the beach and after 2 hours of swimming we went to have a drink at Roxy Beach. I enjoyed every second of my day.

17th June, SundayReblog
June 14, 2012

So um, where should I begin? So much has happened during the last 10 days! The 4th of June Rebecca, Evelina and Juni came to Mallorca! They stayed during their visit in a hotel close to where I live so it was very easy for us to see each other :) We went to the beach, they got to see the nightlife in Magaluf, we went shopping to Palma and we just enjoyed each others’ company :) It was wonderful to have them here, and their visit made me even more exited about coming home on next week’s Thursday! Today they flew back to Finland so now I have to start thinking of how to pack all my stuff.

Here are a few pictures from their visit:

14th June, ThursdayReblog
June 3, 2012

Last Thursday (May 31) Pia came here :) Unfortunately she left early this morning. During the days when she was here we went to the beach, shopping, and stuff like that. It was really nice to have her here, the only problem was that she was a very short time! Tomorrow, on Monday, I have to go to school because I have a presentation about new materials………. But after school I’m going to see Rebecca, Juni and Eve, my friends from Finland! They’re staying in a hotel quite close to where I live so I bet we’re going to be together 24/7, haha! Today I’m only going to sleep and practice what I’m going to say in the presentation tomorrow.

3rd June, SundayReblog
May 25, 2012

Now my mum and my sister are back in Finland, but in less than a week my friend, Pia, is coming here to see me! :D I’m so excited to see her! And on 4th of June Rebecca, Juni and Eve are coming here! So from next week on my life here will be exciting again (as nothing interesting has happened here since mum and Astrid went back home). I’m going to take a little bit holidays when my friends come here so basically I only have 4 school days left. :O Then of course one day I’ll go to school to say bye bye to everyone. I can’t really believe I have less than a month left here. Now when I think about it, this school year has gone very fast!

25th May, FridayReblog
May 15, 2012

So on Mother’s Day mum, Astrid, Gaby and I went to a castle near the centre of Palma. We were there for a while and then after that we went to the beach in Portals. Later in the evening mum, Astrid and I went to a market in Palmanova. Astrid got a necklace and then we ate pizza for dinner.

Yesterday, on my birthday we ate a very nice breakfast at my mum’s & sister’s hotel and then we took a taxi to Porto Pi, the shopping centre. We ate lunch in a chinese restaurant in Puerto Portals, together with my uncle and his family. I had a supergood time with everyone and the food of course was amazing (as always)! After lunch we had the dessert at my uncle’s place. I had a really good 18th birthday c:

Today we were at the swimming pool for a few hours and then we went to a place where they braid hair and my sister got small braids in her hair. In the evening we ate dinner with Anna and her mum. It was really nice to present my mum and sister to Anna and her mum ^^ Here are a few pictures from these days.

May 13

May 13

May 13

May 13

May 13

May 14

May 14

May 14

May 15

May 15

May 15

15th May, TuesdayReblog
May 11, 2012

Today mum and Astrid came here! We went to eat lunch and then we went for a while to the beach in Palmanova. Now we’re all at my uncle’s place and we’re going to eat dinner together. It’s been so great to see them, and now I miss everyone in Finland even more! Here are some pictures from today :)

Finnish chocolate and Bepanthen for my lips, nice! And a tube that looks like lipgloss but it’s actually candy.. A birthday present from my sister, aw :’D

11th May, FridayReblog
May 10, 2012

Today I’ve been to school and after school I went to dance class. We’re now dancing to LMFAO - Sexy and I Know It, and I looove the dance my teacher’s made to us! Plus, the song’s funny so I’m really having a good time dancing to it.

Here are my plans for tomorrow: I got to school, finish it at 12 o’clock, wait for my uncle to pick me up and then we drive to my mum’s hotel! YAY! I’m so excited to see my mum and my sister! This whole week I’ve been talking about them coming here and I’m sure everyone in my class know that they’re coming here tomorrow, haha :D

Nothing exciting has happened here, the days are quite the same as before, nothing special. Well okay, the weather is so much hotter now than a few weeks ago. It’s about 29-30°C during the day :o So that’s super nice :)

10th May, ThursdayReblog
April 30, 2012

En ole kauheasti kirjoitellut tänne viime aikoina. Ei täällä tosin paljoo ole tapahtunutkaan. Käyn koulua, tulen kotiin jne. Viime perjantaina tapasin kuitenkin Stellan Mattlidenin lukiosta. Tiesin, että hän oli tulossa tänne leirille joten me päätimme tavata. Kävelimme vain ympäriinsä täällä ja oli todella helpottavaa puhua ruotsia, vaikka yhdessä vaiheessa huomasinkin puhuvani englantia (vahingossa siis).. o_O Eilen, eli sunnuntaina, leivoin mokkapaloja ja kävin lenkillä. Tänään olen ollut rannalla pari tuntia. Meillä on vapaata koulusta tänään ja huomenna :) Illemmalla lähden taas lenkille.

Tänään on 11 päivää kunnes äiti ja Astrid tulevat tänne! Ja tasan 2 viikkoa kunnes täytän 18 vuotta! Jejeee :D

30th April, MondayReblog
April 14, 2012

At 9.30 in the morning we got in the car and drove to Madrid. We had a few hours time before my plane would take off so we went to this beaaautiful garden. Unfortunately I’ve forgotten the name of it. But it was amazing! Really beautiful!

15th April, SundayReblog
April 13, 2012

After we’d eaten breakfast we took the car and drove to some small pueblos around León. In the evening Clara and I met up with María and we had so much fun together! It feels so different to hang out with Clara and María now that I actually understand what they’re talking about together. It’s really nice though :D

15th April, SundayReblog